Storybook  - Organic cotton Bear

Storybook - Organic cotton Bear

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Eugene the Bear, loves to eat. When his mom says “It’s dinnertime”, Eugene is always the first to the table. He loves a colorful plate and eats his food without complaints.

Among his friends, Eugene is known as a foodie. Sometimes the other kids don’t even know what he is eating. Whether it’s broccoli soup, eggs benedict, or carrot sticks, Eugene is a happy bear. As a part of your family, Eugene will bring the love of food to your dinner table.

Contains delicate chime.


About miYim: Organic miYim® helps keep your child and especially newborn babies safe from pesticides. It is for this reason that we use organic cotton for our products. Our safety concern begins with not just the design and testing of all of our toys and accessories but with the very raw materials from which we make our products. With normal cotton, harmful toxins are absorbed into cotton plants, the air, the soil, the water and eventually, our bodies.

It is for this reason that miYim® organic cotton toys are made with safety in mind. Made from organic cotton and colored by natural eco-friendly dyes, our toys help to make your home a safe and chemical safe environment for you and your child.

Item dimension: 7 in x 12.5 in x 4 in

Outer surface fabric: organic cotton
Inner surface fabric webbing: polyester
Stuffing: certified recycled polyester

Washing instructions: Hand wash with organic soap if possible or machine wash in cold water with mild soap. Air dry flat. After drying, brush cotton gently to restore appearance of plush.

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